Supply Chain Consultants, Manufacturers, Converters and Distributors of Thermal, Industrial and Technical Textiles.

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd produce a range of high quality, high temperature sewing threads. Different fibres are utilised depending on the temperatures and requirements involved.  Products include:

  • Coats Personal Protection Sewing Threads
  • Amann Tech-X Sewing Threads,
  • Para Aramid Sewing Thread,
  • PTFE Coated E Glass Sewing Thread,
  • PTFE Coated S2 Glass Sewing Thread,
  • PTFE Stainless Steel Sewing Thread,
  • Inconel Sewing Thread,
  • PTFE Coated Quartz Sewing Thread,
  • Alumina Silica Sewing Thread.

Each sewing thread is unique and attention should be paid to their individual characteristics. 


  • Sewing Thread for High Temperature Applications
  • Sewing Thread for Personal Protection and High Performance Applications

Sewing Threads and Accessories