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  • Supplying the Automotive Industry
  • Heat Resistant Textiles for extreme temperature Environments
  • Supplying the Foundry Industry
  • Supplying Steel and Metal Processing Industries
  • Supplying the Power Generation Industry
  • Supplying the Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Supplying the Wind Turbine Industry
  • Supplying the Glass Transformation Industry
  • Supplying the Aerospace Industry
  • Supplying the Shipbuilding Industry
  • Supplying Water Treatment Industries
  • Supplying the Motorsport Industry
  • Supplying the Mining Industry
  • Supplying the Composites Industry
  • Supplying Industrial Boiler Industries
  • Supplying Reinforcement Textiles to Construction Industries


Weave Patterns. Do they matter?

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd explore weave patterns and their importance.

The choice of E Glass fabric for thermal or composite applications are determined by considering the following variables:

1. Weight: often expressed in grams per metre squared.
2. Yarn Type: Whether continuous filament or textured.
3. Yarn Finish: Whether for thermal applications or composite. The latter requiring special finishes to promote the absorption of resins into the glass substrate.
Weave Pattern.

  • Tracy Barker