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  • Supplying the Automotive Industry
  • Heat Resistant Textiles for extreme temperature Environments
  • Supplying the Foundry Industry
  • Supplying Steel and Metal Processing Industries
  • Supplying the Power Generation Industry
  • Supplying the Wind Turbine Industry
  • Supplying the Glass Transformation Industry
  • Supplying the Shipbuilding Industry
  • Supplying Water Treatment Industries
  • Supplying the Motorsport Industry
  • Supplying the Mining Industry
  • Supplying the Composites Industry
  • Supplying Industrial Boiler Industries
  • Supplying Reinforcement Textiles to Construction Industries


Generic Names Vs Brands in Industrial and Technical Fibres and Polymers.

Historical brands are often so strong, that it is easy not to know the generic name for the fibre or elastomers used in many technical fabrics we supply. This can cause problems when old brands linger on dated specifications and especially when those brands don't actually exist. 

For example

  • Polychloroprene is better known as Neoprene
  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene is better known as Hypalon
  • Flourocarbon Rubber is better known as Viton
  • Para Aramid is often referred to as Kevlar
  • Meta Aramid is often referred to as Nomex


  • Eddy Ashworth