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High Temperature Sewing Threads


Textile Technologies offer a wide range of high temperature sewing threads suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial and technological applications. Which thread to purchase is a common question and not necessarily an easy one to answer.

Considerations include the temperature of the application, environmental conditions of the application, exposure to ultra violet light, tensile strength required and of course whether the thread will run nicely in your particular sewing machine and through the particular material being sewn.

We often find that some companies have great success with one thread, yet others prefer a different one whilst both are sewing the same materials for the same environments.

We are able to offer the following threads in different variations.

Threads available include:

  • Meta and Para Aramid Sewing Thread up to 300°C.
  • PTFE E Glass Sewing Thread up to 550°C.
  • PTFE S2 Glass Sewing Thread up to 750°C.
  • PTFE Stainless Steel Sewing Thread up to 800°C.
  • Quartz Sewing Thread up to 1000°C.
  • Alumina Fibre Sewing Thread. up to 1250°C.

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  • Eddy Ashworth