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High Temperature Sewing Threads


Textile Technologies offer a wide range of high temperature sewing threads suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial and technological applications. Which thread to purchase is a common question and not necessarily an easy one to answer.


Considerations include the temperature of the application, environmental conditions of the application, exposure to ultra violet light, tensile strength required and of course whether the thread will run nicely in your particular sewing machine and through the particular material being sewn.

  • Eddy Ashworth

Does SIZE really matter?

“I’m afraid so!”
 “Of course it does!”
 “It separates the men from the boys!”
 “Without good Size, performance is very compromised!”

 We are, of course, talking about fibreSize’; a thin homogenous surface coating of mainly organic materials applied during the manufacturing process of glass and other fibres / yarns. The manufacturing process is known as ‘Sizing’.

  • Eddy Ashworth

Rope Packings – Product Selection Considerations

Manufactured by braiding or plaiting high temperature yarns to create a rope packing profile suitable for sealing hot air / gases in furnace, oven, and other heat processing applications. Choice of yarn is determined by the temperatures involved as well as gas and moisture content emitted from the chamber.
  • Eddy Ashworth

Shuttle Loom Weaving

A traditional and somewhat slow weaving method but its in high demand for critical high performance narrow fabric applications.
Shuttle loom weaving is a traditional weaving method that utilizes a shuttle (usually made of wood or Tufnol) to pass the lateral horizontal yarn of the weft at right angles through the longitudinal yarn of the warp, thus creating a plain weave construction. Shuttle woven tapes have no 'alien' catch thread on one side (selvedge) like they do on needle woven tapes. The end result is a uniformly woven substrate with a consistent thickness throughout the entire structure, a major advantage for critical use applications in aerospace and high performance applications.
  • Eddy Ashworth

High Silica (SiO2) Content Fibres

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd offer a range of textiles made from a number of fibres which have a high % of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) within their chemical make up. It is the high percentage of SiO2 that gives these fibres resistance to high or extreme temperatures. Indeed the higher the SiO2 % the higher the temperature rating associated with the fibre (generally speaking) though what the remaining chemical components are, do have importance especially when considering other factors like tensile strength etc.
  • Eddy Ashworth

Different Constructions of Braided Packings

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd  braid a wide range of high temperature thermal rope packings including E Glass Packing, HT750 Glass Packing, CALSIL Packing, BELCOTEX® 110 Packing, Silica Packing, Bio Soluble Packing and Refractory Ceramic Packing. They are available in Round, Square and Rectangular profiles.
  • Eddy Ashworth