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Textile Technologies Europe Ltd  braid a wide range of high temperature thermal rope packings including E Glass Packing, HT750 Glass Packing, CALSIL Packing, BELCOTEX® 110 Packing, Silica Packing, Bio Soluble Packing and Refractory Ceramic Packing. They are available in Round, Square and Rectangular profiles.


  • Predominantly used in sealing applications for industrial furnaces, industrial boilers and kiln cars.
  • High Temperature Resistant Support Bars / Spacers in Aluminium Industry

Three densities of rope packing are available for each fibre type depending on the application requirement. 

  1. Standard Packings are produced by braiding yarn over a compact core of yarn. They are compact, firm and flexible with high mechanical resistance and excellent static sealing properties. 
  2. Soft Core Packings are produced by braiding  yarns on a soft core of fibre insulation.  Soft Core Packings are therefore softer, lightweight, and more flexible. They have high thermal insulation capacity and excellent static sealing properties. 
  3. Brick Solid Packings are produced by the "Braid-over-Braid" method where yarns are heavy braided over a very compact core of yarns. Brick Solid packings are a total braided construction and are therefore exceptionally compact, brick solid in density and maintain superior mechanical resistance under pressure, compression, abrasion and cutting etc. 

Standard Packings account for 90% of all packings produced, therefore if the construction type is not known, it is standard construction which we will quote for.

Further Enhancements

Textile Technologies can further enhance rope packings as follows:

      • Apply a dry black graphite dispersion to improve abrasion resistance and aesthetics.
      • Apply a wet black graphite dispersion to improve sealing qualities and resistance to hot gases.
      • Apply a dry or wet PTFE Coating to seal the fibres and create a more non stick and impermeable surface.
      • Apply a vermiculite dispersion to improve abrasion resistance and increase its temperature resistance up to 1000°C.
      • Apply an outer coating / impregnation of Industrial or Food Grade Silicone Polymer to improve sealing attributes specifically in hot moist environments.
      • Incorporate a steel wire in to the yarns to further reinforce the packings and improve tensile strengths.
      • Apply a metal overbraid from galvanised steel, stainless steel or inconel to greatly improve the abrasion resistance and increase the life of the seal. Options include:
        • Metal Open Overbraid
        • Metal Knitted Overbraid
        • Metal Full Coverage Overbraid
            Please see our Armorpack range for more details. 


      * BELCOTEX® is a registered trademark of BELCHEM GmbH, Germany. 

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