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Shuttle Loom Weaving


A traditional and somewhat slow weaving method but its in high demand for critical high performance narrow fabric applications.

Shuttle loom weaving is a traditional weaving method that utilizes a shuttle (usually made of wood or Tufnol) to pass the lateral horizontal yarn of the weft at right angles through the longitudinal yarn of the warp, thus creating a plain weave construction. Shuttle woven tapes have no 'alien' catch thread on one side (selvedge) like they do on needle woven tapes. The end result is a uniformly woven substrate with a consistent thickness throughout the entire structure, a major advantage for critical use applications in aerospace and high performance applications.

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd have access to a large bank of Mattison Multi Space looms as well as Saurer 60b Single Space looms.

Textile Technologies can offer shuttle woven webbing tapes made from Para Aramid, E Glass, S2 Glass, Silica and Alumina Silica fibres.

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  • Eddy Ashworth