Supply Chain Consultants, Manufacturers, Converters and Distributors of Thermal, Industrial and Technical Textiles.

Our History


Textile Technologies Europe Ltd can trace its history as far back as 1904 when Messrs August Langansiepen and Franz Muller founded a narrow fabric weaving company in Wuppertal, Germany. Langensiepen Muller Gmbh enjoyed much success weaving specialised fine galloons and ribbons used for decorative display on men’s hats.

Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Ltd

However, as a consequence of the depression of the 1930's they made a bold move to dismantle and relocate some key employees and 60 multi shuttle wooden looms, warpers and winders to set up Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Ltd at Kingston Mills, Hyde, England. In the 1930’s one of their main customers was Messrs Brooks Gregory who were mercers to the burgeoning hat manufacturing industry in nearby Stockport and Denton. Despite enjoying much success, Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Ltd, being German owned, was confiscated as part of Second World War reparations by the UK Government at the end of the war. Eventually, Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Co Ltd was purchased by Messrs Brooks and Gregory from HM Government in 1948 and was later registered at Companies House on the 31st October 1955 and later Ken Gregory bought out Mr Brooks. Langensiepen Muller remained in business in Wuppertal until the 1990’s being run by Franz’s son Gert Muller.

Ashworth Family

Charles Ashworth established Charles Ashworth & Co Ltd as cotton yarn doublers and twiners in the late 1800’s in Guide Bridge Nr Manchester. It largest market was India. In the 1930’s as the cotton Industry declined in the North of England James Henry Ashworth decided with his son Frank Ashworth to diversify  into new synthetic fibres (particularly continuous filament viscose rayon) and in 1938 founded J H Ashworth & Son Ltd. They twisted viscose yarn for the trimmings and home furnishing industry.

As J.H. Ashworth & Son Ltd grew and developed under the control and management of Frank Ashworth the company acquired The Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Co Ltd and premises from Ken Gregory in 1969 and moved into Kingston Mills in Hyde.

Franks’ sons John and Roger Ashworth joined J H Ashworth & Son Ltd in the 1960’s focusing predominantly on processing man-made fibres for the UK textile industry. They continued to run Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Ltd at the same time where the emphasis moved from cotton webbings to glass fibre and other technical webbings.

In 2011, Edward Ashworth, son of John Ashworth re-branded Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing Ltd as Textile Technologies Europe Ltd and acquired the company.

J.H Ashworth & Son although completely independent of Textile Technologies Europe Ltd is still operating today on the same site and is one the main filament yarn processors in the UK.

Charles Ashworth and Son Ltd went into voluntary liquidation in 1953.