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J H Ashworth & Son Ltd


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J H Ashworth & Son Ltd is a leading processor and stockist of continuous filament yarns in the UK. We supply and process a wide range of high quality Nylon, Polyester, Viscose and other technical yarns to the UK, Europe, and worldwide. We have over 75 years of industry experience allowing us to carefully product develop and provide the best service to our customers.

Innovative and Bespoke Services

Yarns are processed and stocked in our modern manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Manchester, UK. Our services include twisting, doubling, cabling, assembling, intermingling, co-mingling, winding, folding and steam setting. J H Ashworth & Son Ltd use the latest technology and innovative production techniques ensuring the ability to offer a bespoke service to our clients in a constantly changing yarn market.

Largest Stock Shade Ranges of Nylon and Polyester

J H Ashworth & Son Ltd have the largest stock shade range of dyed textured Nylon and Polyester yarns in the UK, and we stock a wide range of undyed and spun dyed textured Nylon and Polyester including specialist multi-filament, flame retardant and antibacterial yarns.

Divserse Range of Technical Yarns

J H Ashworth & Son Ltd offer high tenacity, low shrink and low oil Polyester and Nylon 6 & 6.6 FDY yarns in a wide range of counts. We supply bright trilobal continuous filament polyester in a wide range of spun dyed colours and continuous filament viscose yarn undyed (raw white). Yarn is supplied on a wide range of packages varying from large 5kg cheeses down to small cones or king-spools. A wide range of dye-packages are also available. J H Ashworth & Son Ltd provide comprehensive support and service to all textile sectors including Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Fashion, Technical, Elastic Covering, Narrow & Broad Loom Weaving, Half Hose, Knitting, Lace, Hosiery, Sewing Thread and Aerospace Textiles. For further information, please visit