Manufacturers, Converters and Distributors of Thermal, Industrial and Technical Textiles.

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd manufacture webbings woven from an extensive range of fibres and include E Glass Webbing, HT750 Glass Webbing, BELCOTEX® 110 Webbing, Silica Webbing, Bio Soluble (Calcium Magnesium Silicate) Webbing; Refractory Ceramic Webbing and Alumina Silica Fibre Webbing. 


  • Suitable for use as thermal insulation to pipes, exhausts and vessels to protect personnel and to minimise heat loss.
  • Can be easily fabricated into seals and gaskets.
  • Can also be used in welding applications for stress relieving and for pre-heat insulation.
  • Industrial boiler door seals, furnace door seals, kiln car door seals
  • Can be used as oven and furnace fillings and linings.

Adhesive backings can be applied for ease of application and vermiculite or graphite dispersions can be added to increase temperature rating and provide extra barrier to molten splash. 

* BELCOTEX® is a registered trademark of BELCHEM GmbH, Germany. 

Thermal Webbings