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All our Thermal Rope Seals are manufactured by knitting technique rather than conventional braiding. The knitted ropes can be produced in the following consrtructions: 

  • Without a central core (NC) to give a soft, elastic, pliable construction.
  • With a central core (WC) to give a medium-firm density but no longitudinal elasticity.
  • With a Double Knit (DK) construction to give a range of density but maintain longitudinal elasticity.

Textile Technologies can offer knitted rope manufactuerd from E Glass, HT750 Glass and S-TEX silica Yarns.

Further Enhancements

Textile Technologies can further enhance thermal rope seals by coating with vermiculite, industrial grade silicone polymer or  wet or dry PTFE. They can also be covered with a knitted outer mesh for sealing applications that are subjected to mechanical abrasion. 


  • Rope Door Seals for Wood Burners / Pellet Stoves / Ovens / Range Cookers.
  • Component of ‘O' Ring Rope Gasket Seals.


Thermal Rope Seals