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Needlemats & felts are typically used for high-temperature insulation in industrial environments and usually consist of non-woven glass, silica or ceramic fibres.

Silica needlemat is a felt made of amorphous silica fibre that is mechanically needled and completely free of any chemical binders. The high content of silica makes the product more compact, flexible and resistant to the maximum operating temperature of 1000°C, compared to glass needlemats which are typically only heat resistant to 550-750°C.

Silica needlefelt is odourless, white in colour and non-flammable. It is chemically stable and offers a good level of acoustic insulation.

Thanks to its heat insulation characteristics, it is used in the form of cushions to insulate turbines, combustion chambers and exhausts. On request, the felt can have an aluminium embossed lamination, be adhesive-backed and coupled with glass fabric and cut to drawings.

L-TEX Silica knitted blankets are produced from E glass yarns which have subsequently been converted by a chemical process known as leaching into a silica blanket. The result is a silica blanket which contains a minimum of 96% silicon dioxide.

Silica Needlemat