CrackAttack Fibreglass Mesh (Self Adhesive)

  • Looking for a new way to repair damaged walls and ceilings without the dirty, dusty, complicated a mess of complete tear-out? CrackAttack is the answer.
  • CrackAttack is a versatile, easy-to-install wall repair fabric. 
  • Designed for professional drywall and paint contractors as well as DIYers, this self adhesive fibreglass mesh product allows you to permanently repair damaged walls and ceilings. 
  • Like all Textile Technologies Fibreglass Mesh CrackAttack offers exceptional strength, flexibility, ease of use and cost savings.
  • Whether its repairing cracks around windows and doors, restoring damaged plaster, or refinishing panelling and cinder block walls, CrackAttack offers a simple three step solution:
  1. Apply the self adhesive mesh to the area being repaired. It stays in place, making it easy to work overhead and in tight spaces.
  2. Apply a thin skim coat-just enough to hide the mesh. After drying, additional coats may be necessary, depending on the type of repair.
  3. Lightly sand for a perfect finish.

CrackAttack Fibreglass Mesh (Self Adhesive)

Suitable Applications

  • For cracks that branch in multiple directions.
  • For recurring cracks in plaster, stucco and drywall.
  • Self-Adhesive is especially useful for ceiling repairs.
  • For reinforcing plaster walls against recurring spider web or alligator cracking.
  • Saves labour involved in tearing out old plaster and inserting new extension jambs on doors and windows.
  • Compatible with most plaster, drywall, spackling and stucco materials.
  • Requires only thin finish coat of drywall or plaster compound.

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SKU: GMESH/65/500/50SA

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  • Weight (gms / m²): 65
  • Sold: Per 50m
  • Width: 500mm
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