Please note our annual factory maintenance programme is being carried out between 9th – 21st August and consideration should be given to this. Our warehouse and office will of course operate as normal.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure no effect on our business, lead times can sometimes lengthen. We ask our customers to consider this when planning stocks for this period.

  • Supplying the Commericial Aviation Industry
  • Supplying the Automotive / Motorsport Industry
  • Supplying the Glass Transformation Industry
  • Supplying the Ship Building Industry
  • Supplying the Power Generation Industry
  • Supplying the Mining Industry
  • Supplying Steel and Metal Processing Industries
  • Supplying the Composites Industry
  • Supplying Reinforcement to Construction Industries
  • Supplying the Foundry Industry
  • Supplying the Wind Turbine Industry
  • Supplying the Aerospace Industry
  • Supplying Industrial Boiler Industries
  • Supplying Water Treatment Industries
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Textile Technologies Europe Ltd manufactures and distributes a vast range of high temperature extreme heat resistant industrial textiles for use in a large range of applications  in industries across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd have been developed innovative products for use across a wide range of industries where extreme conditions are an everyday occurrence including and not exclusive to:

  • Automotive / Transport
  • Shipbuilding
  • Energy Generation
  • Construction
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Manufacturing

Many industries require protection against High/Low temperatures, Hazardous Chemicals and Acoustic Penetration etc and Textile Technologies can supply cost effective solutions utilising products from within the current range or develop unique products to meet specific needs.

Products include standard loomstate and weavelocked E ‘type’ fibreglass cloths; Melinex®  or Mylar® (polyester) film laminated glass cloths and aluminium foil (aluminised) fiberglass cloths for reflective heat shielding applications. We offer an extensive range of coated glass fabrics including silicone coated fibreglass cloth, neoprene coated fiberglass cloth as well as other specialist coated glass fabrics including Viton®, Vamac®, Hypalon® and PVC.

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd stock textiles for extreme heat protection especially vermiculite coated glass and silica cloths and other vermiculite coated textiles. Fabrics are produced in a range of widths and thicknesses woven from both continuous filament and textured E glass, chemically modified HT glass, S2 glass, calcium silicate and other high temperature glass, basalt or silica yarns.

Other products include knitted and woven webbings and ladder tapes and rope packings for furnace, kiln and boiler door seals; twisted, braided, plaited yarns and ropes; needlemats, blankets, felts and paper for insulation jackets and gasketing;  tadpole tape and ‘P’ Section seals; exhaust wraps and silencer infil, high temperature sleevings; aramid and stainless steel textiles for protection against thermal shock cracks in aluminium and glass transformation.






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