Leading European Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Thermal, Industrial and Technical Textiles


Textile Technologies Europe Ltd operate a large bank of Italian Bobbin and German needle-looms enabling us to produce a huge range of narrow fabrics in different weights and constructions tailored specifically to the application they are meant for.

Shuttle Looms

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd are proud to house a number of multi end shuttle looms which enable us to weave E glass, S2 Glass and Kevlar tapes with the unique 'woven selvedge edge' where there is no presence of an alien catch thread - crucial in some aerospace and composite applications.


Bobbin Looms and Needle Looms

Bobbin Looms are also an older technology but their inherent Multi Ply weave constructions allow for making heavy duty thick webbings. In our case especially textured glass or silica yarns with thickness up to 15mm. 

Needle Looms are the mainstay when it comes to narrow fabric weaving technology. Operating at very high speeds all single ply webbings and tapes are woven on these looms.  


Converting / Cutting / Batching

Textile Technologies have machinery to adhesive back, laminate, cut and batch textiles up to 2 metres wide. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd also maintain very strong relationships with other leading manufacturers throughout Europe and through collaborations and commissions, we can ensure we offer our customers a comprehensive range of heat resistant, industrial and technical textiles.