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Tech-X Sewing Threads by the AMMAN Group. 

All over the world technical textiles are gaining more relevance. They provide high-tech solutions, replacing more traditional materials and can be bonded with other materials for new combinations. Whether Amann threads are required for textile construction, the industrial or apparel sector – technical textiles are always high-tech, innovative products with special physical, chemical and application-technical characteristics. Their development is shaped by demanding requirement profiles, and for security-related applications by norms, specifications and directives. Their functionality must also be reflected in the seams.
The seam is an essential feature within technical textiles. It provides a flexible and secure connection for the manufacture of complex two or three dimensional products. Embroidery technology is also utilised for technical textiles, for example in the production of fibre composite materials (composites and textile heating systems).

Whether sewn, embroidered or woven, sewing threads inserted into the textile material must maintain or fulfil the function and the sometimes very demanding requirements of the entire product. For this, special sewing threads are frequently required.  AMANN's technically oriented product range offers such solutions, among others for protective clothing, outdoor textiles, filters, smart textiles, composites, lifting and restraint systems and many more.

AMANN is a specialist in these fields and our extensive range of Tech-X Performance Threads offers the perfect solution for every complex requirement.

Amann Tech-X Sewing Threads

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