Why Use Cable Sleeving?

There are several ways to manage and protect wires and cables, particularly those which are used at high temperatures, and cable sleeve is one of the best. If you are still unsure about applying it, we are here to convince you on why it is a worthwhile investment and can help save many problems in the long run.

Glass sleeving

Easy to Install

Expandable sleeving, such as those we stock, is quick and economical to install over any length, unlike other products designed for cable management. You simply start at one end and walk the cable sleeve down the length of the cable. The length is only limited by the length of the application you want covered. Even if the wire measures over 1000 feet, it can be covered quickly with no special tools required. Also, if you opt for expandable sleeving, it can stretch up to four times its diameter to fit over connectors and plugs.

Reduced Weight

Braided cable sleeves fit securely around wire bundles, so make very little change to the overall weight. The tight fit also reduces the chance of snagging, while the flexibility allows the sleeving to be used in small spaces or on bends and curves.


Cable sleeving is visually appealing, as you can choose braided, woven, plaited or knitted sleeving for wire management. The range of colours and weave to choose from at Textile Technologies are ideal for any customer requirements. The various cable sleeves not only protect and manage all the wires and cables needed but also make them better to look at and easily identifiable.

Bio-soluble sleeving

Use and Storage

Braided or knitted cable sleeving is easy to use and store, as even large amounts of the sleeving can be stored in space-efficient places. Make sure when ordering sleeving to use precise measurements, so there is no unnecessary waste.


One reason to use cable sleeving over other wire management solutions is the flexibility of the product. Sleeving can cover tight turns and snug fits against walls or other immovable items. When properly and efficiently installed, sleeving will not impair the wires or cables it is covering in any way, and sleeves will not crease or crack, potentially causing any type of hazard.

Bio Soluble Alternatives

Many companies are taking steps to be environmentally and health conscious, and the cable sleeves you choose can be a part of that. At Textile Technologies, we do have some bio-soluble sleeving, which can be used as a replacement for harmful products such as ceramic fibre. Bio-soluble cable sleeving is still an excellent insulation product, manageable in environments up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

If you are in need of quality cable sleeving for a variety of applications, get in touch with Textile Technologies today and we can help with any requirements you have. Our cable sleeves are made from E Glass, silica fibre, braided silica, HT750 glass and other materials. Browse through the many heat resistant products we have available to order.

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