How Does Heat Exhaust Wrap Work?

Motorbike waiting to have heat exhaust wrap applied to it

Exhaust heat wrap has been a part of the motorsport industry for several years, being used on everything from motorcycles to high-performance cars. A simple product, it has been developed over the years yet the principle remains the same; to restrict the transfer of heat to the surrounding components of the exhaust system.

Restricting the transfer of heat has two main benefits; firstly, the gases remain hot and so increase in velocity when escaping the system, creating a more natural output and resulting in an increase in engine power. Heat wrap is also the cheapest solution for exhaust heat management and is easy to apply.

Heat wrap is made from a high-temperature synthetic fabric which is wrapped around the exhaust. When they were first introduced, they were commonly made from fibreglass which was also soaked in water to help when applying. A popular material for heat exhaust wraps is fibreglass, a composite material made from plastic reinforced by tiny glass fibres. Lightweight and robust, it is an effective insulation material and stops or reduces heat transfer. However, fibreglass variations can become weak due to the constant heating and cooling, so break up and lose their thermal qualities. Today, heat exhaust wraps are designed to be single use and long lasting.

As the heat exhaust wrap insulates the pipes it is covering; the gases are not allowed to cool as they pass through the system. When the gases are hot, their density is less and they travel faster. As the speed of the gas is higher, the gases leave the system quicker, and the fresh charge can fill the combustion chamber efficiently.

The various exhaust heat wraps we have available to buy at Textile Technologies can withstand temperatures from 200 degrees Celsius to over 1000 degrees for short periods, depending on what you choose. The wraps are sterile and incombustible, and by checking product details, you can find out if they are resistant to oils, solvents and the majority of chemicals which will come into contact with an exhaust.

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